. orchestrate the experience .

believe in the dream.

design the moment.

Operational Logistics

  • Venue Assessment - facility capabilities

  • Operations Review for Event Execution

  • Market Positioning & Competitive Set Analysis

  • Introduce Guidelines and Policies,

Streamline Best Practices

  • Framework for Contracts, Proposals,

Banquet Event Orders, Billing

  • Set-Up Catering Software Programs to

Track Sales and Metrics

  • Training - sales, event execution and

development of staff

  • Key Relationship Planning - rentals, lighting, audio/visual, floral

  • Marketing Collateral Design

  • Menu Planning

Event Programming

  • Seasonal Creative Planning Workshops

  • Pop-Up and In-Home Experiences

  • Sales Strategy - corporate and social client practices

  • Destination Management Introduction and Training

  • Strategic Partnerships and Vendor Relations

Revenue Strategy

  • Budget Development and Forecasting Models (weekly, monthly, annual)

  • Identify Revenues and Bottom Line Profitability

  • Site Fees and Pricing Structures

  • Goal Setting and Measurable Metrics

  • Commission Planning